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Dear Comrades, Notice for holding the 9th Circle Conference of BSNL Employees Union Punjab Circle at " Shaheed Com. Nachhattar Singh Dhaliwal Bhawan Moga" (Ferozepor SSA) from 19-20 November, 2019 is issued. District Secretaries are requested to submit the details of the branches in their respective SSAs. District Conferences of those SSAs which are due should be conducted before the circle conference.



Current IDA : 152%
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  • With the view to mitigate the sufferings of the contract workers during the lock-down period, the CHQ of BSNLEU gave call for raising a “Contract Workers Relief Fund. So far, 20 circle unions have collected Rs.65,62,402/-.




    BSNLEU organized lunch hour demonstration at SSA Level in Punjab Circle.

  • Distribution Ration to Casual and Contract workers in BSNL


    Chandigarh SSA with help of all EXECUTIVE and NON- EXECUTIVE Distribute Ration more then 40 Family's of Casual and Contract workers

  • Distribution Ration to Casual nd Contract workers in BSNL


    EXECUTIVE and  NON- EXECUTIVE of Amritsar SSA under banner of BSNL PARIVAAR GROUP Distribution Ration to 53 Family's of Casual and Contract workers in BSNL

  • BSNLEU writes to CMD BSNL demanding immediate payment of January & February, 2020 Salary


    BSNLEU writes to CMD BSNL demanding immediate payment of January & February, 2020, salary.

     In continuation of BSNLEU’s discussion held with the CMD BSNL yesterday, demanding immediate salary payment, BSNLEU has written to him today, to ensure the immediate releasing of funds for the payment of salary for the months of January & February, 2020. BSNLEU has also pointed out that the payment of salary has become urgent, in view of the Holi festival falling on 10th March, 2020.


  • CEC meeting of BSNLEU, Punjab Circle.


    The Circle Executive committee meeting of BSNLEU, Punjab circle, was held at Sangrur on 15.02.2020 .The meeting was presided over by Comrade Balwinder Singh , circle Vice President due to some unavoidable work to comrade Sanjiv Kumar Circle president. Comrade H. S .Dhillon , Circle Secretary submitted the brief report on activities. Detailed discussion was held to strong the union after VRS situation . It was decided to send 20 young members to attend meeting at Delhi on call of CHQ. District Secretaries requested to send the name of active working lady ( JE) to be nominated for member of All India BSNL working women’s coordination committee and to attend convention at Vadodara on 05/03/2020

  • पंजाब परिमंडल चंडीगढ़ कार्यालय की ज़िला कार्यकारणी


    पंजाब परिमंडल चंडीगढ़  कार्यालय की ज़िला कार्यकारणी के द्वारा कल दिनांक 23/01/2020 को अपने सेवानिवृत होने वाले साथियों को सम्मानित करने के लिए कार्यक्रम आयोजन किया गया । यह सम्मान समारोह अंतर राष्ट्रीय क्रिकेट स्टेडियम, पी सी ए मोहाली में हुआ। कामरेड नरेश चंद्र अग्निहोत्री एंव कामरेड जितेन्द्र मोहन जैदका, जिला अध्यक्ष/ सचिव के द्वारा कामरेड संजीव कुमार एवं एच एस ढिल्लों, परिमंडल अध्यक्ष एवं सचिव का गर्म जोशी से स्वागत किया । इस समारोह में सभी यूनियन सदस्यों के द्वारा  अपने-अपने अनुभवों को खुले दिल से विस्तार से वर्णन किया।
        सभी सेवानिवृत्त होने वाले साथियों को परिमंडल अध्यक्ष एवं सचिव के द्वारा उनकी यूनियन को प्रदान की गई सेवाओं के लिए सम्मानित किया गया ।

  • BSNLEU writes to the CMD BSNL, demanding to handover the union subscription money, deducted from the salaries of members.


  • CEC meeting of BSNLEU Punjab Circle, at Circle Office Chandigarh.


    Today , CEC Meeting of BSNLEU Punjab Circle held at Circle office, Chandigarh. After the discussion of agenda points CEC members meet CGMT Punjab for introduction meeting.

  • Dharna of AIBDPA at GMT office, Ludhiana


    AIBDPA of Punjab Circle Organize Dharna at  GMT, Office Ludhiana regarding pending issues of retirees. Com. Balwinder Singh , Circle Secretary, AIBDPA, Com. S.P Singh, ACS, BSNLEU Pujanb and District Secretary Ludhiana address the Dharna.

  • Non declaration of JTO result of Punjab Circle vacancy year 2014_2015


    Non declaration of JTO result of Punjab Circle vacancy year 2014-2015. Com. H.S Dhillon, Circle Secretary write to CGMT Punjab.

  • Dharna of AIBDPA at GMT office, Chandigarh


    Com. H.S Dhillon, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU Punjab Participate in Dharna infornt of GMT, office Chandigarh call given by AIBDPA.

  • 9th circle conference of BSNLEU, Punjab circle was successfully held at Moga.

    9th Circle Conference of BSNLEU Punjab held at Moga on 19th & 20th November 2019. Com. Parbodh Chand presided over the Conference. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS and Com. Animesh Mitra attended the Conference from the CHQ. Com. Sanjiv Kumar, Com. H.S Dhillon and Com. Pawan Sharma unanimously elected as Circle President, Circle Secretary and Circle Cashier.

  • District wise list of delegates


    District wise list of delegates

  • .


    We are shocked to hear the death of Father of Com. S.P Singh, District President ,BSNLEU, Ludhiana yesterday. Circle union convey hearfelt condilances to the aggrieved family and friends of S.P Singh.

  • District wise list of delegates


  • Guru Nanak


  • CEC Meeting Notification


  • 9th District Conference of BSNLEU, Amritsar


    9th District Conference of BSNL Employees Union, Amritsar was held at Union office, Albert Road Telephone Exchange Amritsar from 05-06 November, 2019. Com. Surjit Singh Bedi, District President presided over the conference. Com. Sarabjit Singh, District Secretary, welcomed the all and presented biennial report on trade union activities for the period under review.  Com. Iqbal Singh Dhillon, ACS also addressed the conference. He seriously explained the reasons for decline of vote share of the union in Amritsar and called upon the workers to jointly make efforts to retain and increase the membership in future. Com. Balbir Singh, Circle Secretary, congratulated the workers for consecutively winning the elections for 7th time and for becoming the main recognised union. He also explained in details the decision taken in the Ghaziabad CEC meeting held from 12-13 October, 2019 and requested to implement the same with true spirit. He also explained the recently offered voluntary retirement scheme. CS replied all the queries raised by the workers. He called upon the workers to participate in January, 8th, 2020 general strike called by the major Central trade Unions.

    Com. D.P Singh presented the accounts report. Both trade union activity report and accounts report was adopted by the house unanimously. Team of next office bearers led by Com. Vikram Kumar, Sarabjit Singh, and Surinder Kumar as President, Secretary and treasurer was elected unanimously.

    It is pertinent to mention that more than half new faces are elected first time as District office bearers, mostly direct recruited JEs. A very good representation is given to the ladies comrades there are 5 ladies comrades in the new team.

    It is also very important that Amritsar comrades have set an example that there is no retired office bearer in the team. A long term circle office bearer and District president Com. Surjit Singh, who is going to retire in January next year refused the offer of  the post of District president as he was going to retire. He requested the house to elect a young comrade for the post accordingly Com. Vikram Kumar was elected as   District president.

    Com. Sanjiv Kumar, Assistant District Secretary, gave vote of thanks.






  • Special casual leave


    Circle office issued orders granting special casual leave for attending the Circle Conference of BSNLEU being held at Moga.

  • CEC Meeting


    Notification for holding the emergent Circle Executive Committee Meeting at Ludhiana on 13-11-2019. Com. P. Abhimanyu Genral Secretary, BSNL Employees union will be attending the meeting.

  • diwali Greetings


    BSNL Employees Union Punjab Circle Wshes You & Your Family a Very Happy & Safe Diwali

  • Notice for Circle Conference scheduled to be held at " Shaheed Com. Nachhattar Singh Dhaliwal Bhawan Moge"( feroezpur SSA) from 19-20 november, 2019.


  • Notification hunger strike on 18-10-2019


                                       ALL UNIONS AND ASSOCIATIONS OF BSNL (AUAB)

     No: UA/2019/102 14.10.2019


    (1) Shri P.K. Purwar, (2) Shri Anshu Prakash,

    Chairman & Managing Director, Secretary, Telecom,

    Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd., Department of Telecommunications,

    Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, Ministry of Communications,

    Janpath, New Delhi – 110001. Sanchar Bhavan, 20, Ashoka Road,

    New Delhi-110 001.

    Respected Sir,

    Sub: - Notification for holding hunger strike on 18.10.2019 – reg.

    It hereby informed that, the All Unions and Associations of BSNL (AUAB), will be organising hunger

    strikes at Corporate Office, Circle and SSA levels, on 18.10.2019, demanding settlement of the

    following issues:-

    1) Immediate payment of the September salary. Timely payment of salary every month.

    2) Immediate payment of contract / casual labourers' wages and payment electricity bills

    and rentals.

    3) Revival of BSNL by immediate allocation of 4G spectrum, extension of financial

    assistance / soft loan and approval for BSNL’s Land Monetisation proposal.

    4) Settlement of 3

    rd Pay Revision, Pension Revision and 30% Superannuation benefits.

    5) Immediate remittance of dues towards GPF, Bank loan EMI, Society, LIC premium,

    union / association subscription, etc., to the concerned organisations.

    Yours sincerely,

    Com. Chandeshwar Singh                                                                   Com. P. Abhimanyu

    Chairman, AUAB                                                                                . Convenor, AUAB

    Copy to: (1) Shri A.M.Gupta, GM(SR), BSNL Corporate Office, Janpath, New Delhi – 110001

    (2) Shri H.K.Mahajan, DDG (SR), DoT, Sanchar Bhawan, 20 Ashoka Road, New Delhi 110001

    (3) Shri Rajan Verma, Chief Labour Commissioner (Central), Shram Shakti Bhawan, Rafi Marg, New Delhi-1


  • Circle Conference


    Dear comrade, the Circle Conference of BSNLEU, Punjab Circle will be held at Ferozepur SSA in the second week of November, 2019. Notification for the same will be issued shortly. Prior to the Circle Conference following activities are to be completed. 1. Holding of branch elections which are due. As per union Constitution the branch elections are to be held once in a year. 2. The branch election report should be sent to the Circle union along with the number of members in the branch, to fix the number of delegates for Circle Conference.. 3. Holding of District Conferences. District Conference which are due are to be completed by November, 2nd, 2019. District Secretaries of those SSAs where Conferences are due should fix the date for Conference in consultation of Circle Secretary.

  • Happy Dussehra


  • Limited Trade Union Facilities


  • Accomodation


    Grant of facilities to the recognised representative unions of Non-Executives  

  • Councils


    Formation of ,National Council, Circle Council and Local Councils

  • Notification


    Notification - recognition of Majority Representative Union(s) of Non-Executives Employees in BSNLfor a period of three years as per the result og 8th membership Verification 

  • 8th membership verification for recognition of Non-executives union/s official result of All India


  • 8th membership verification for recognition of Non-executives union/s official result of Punjab Circle


  • Details of polling in 8th membership verification



    8th Membership Verification details of votes in Punjab Circle


    Sr. No


    SSA name

    Total Votes

    Polled Votes
















    Circle office


































































  • Half day leave for casting votes to the employees on 16-09-2019 and full day leave to polloing and countinf agents

    Dear Comrades, as per the instructions contained in Corporate office letter No. BSNL/ 5-1/SR/ 2018 Dated, the 30 th  August, 2019. item No.12.3, half day leave to employees for casting their votes and full day leave to the Employees, nominated by the unions as polling and counting agents on the day of polling and counting. So for orders are not issued by the circle office. Circle Secretary, spoke to the management today and demanded immediate issues of orders. Management assured to issue the same on tomorrow or early hours of day after tomorrow. However Non- executive employees can avail the leave as per instructions.


  • Election Campaign meeting at Sector-34, Chandigarh , SSA


    A huge election campaign meeting was held on 13-09-2019 at sector 34-A Chandigarh. Com. Moti Ram, District President presided over the meeting and also addressed the meeting.. Com. Kamal Sharma, ADS welcomed the all Com. H.S Dhillon, District Secretary, explained the achievements of BSNLEU from the last membership verification conducted in 2016 and the pending staff issues. Com. Balbir Singh Circle Secretary, elaborately explained the VRS, reduction ogf age from present 60 years to 58 years, financial crisis of BSNL,anti BSNL and pro-private sector policies of the successive governments. He also clarified the propoganda being made on the offer wage revision  by the DOT with 5% fitment formula and refusal by the AUAB. Com. Kamaljit Singh, ACS, gave vote of thanks. 

  • Election Campaign meeting atAhmadgarh and Sangrur SSAt, SSA


    Com. Budh Singh, Circle Treasurer and Rameshwar Dass, District Secretary, addressed election Campaign meeting at Ahmadgarh and Sangrur  on 12-09-2019

  • Election Campaign meeting at Pathankot, SSA


    A well attended election campaign meeting was held at Pathankot on 11-09-2019. Com. Chhaju Ram, District President presided over the meeting. Com. Jagdisg Rai, District Secretary, addressed the meeting briefly and welcomed the all. Com. Balbir Singh, Circle Secretary, explained all the issues stroking the minds of the employees, including propaganda being made regarding refusal to accept the proposal of DOT offering wage revision with 5%  fitment formula. Queries raised by the participants were also clarified. Com. Rajiv Kumar, Circle Organising Secretary, and Com. Kapoor Singh, Bains  Circle Organising Secretary, also addressed the meeting. Com. Ashok Kumar, Circle Organising Secretary, gave vote of thanks.

  • Election Campaign meeting at Jalandhar, SSA


    BSNL Employees union Jalandhar conducted election campaign meeting at Master Tara Singh Nagar on 11-09-2019. Com. H.S Dhaliwal, District secretary and Com. Davinder Singh, circle organising secretary, addressed the meeting 

  • Election Campaign meeting at Sector-17, Chandigarh , SSA


    Election campaign meeting was held at Sector-17 of Chandigarh. Com. Moti, Ram District President presided over and addressed the meeting. Com. Kamaljit Singh, ACS and Com. H.S Dhillon, District Secretary, explained in dentals the present situation of BSNL, struggles conducted for its revival anf anti BSNL and pro- private Sector policies of the Government  He made an appeal to make the BSNLEU with a huge margin

  • Election Campaign meeting at amritsar, SSA


    Election campaign meetings held at Patti and Tarn Taran, of Amritsar SSA.   on 11-09-2019. At Tarn Taran, Com. Iqbal Singh, Dillon, ACS, Surjit Singh,  Surjit Singh,Bedi, District President and Com. Rajinder Thakur, branch Secretary addressed the meeting. At Patti Com. Iqbal Singh, Dillon, ACS, Surjit Singh,  Surjit Singh,Bedi, District President and Com. Lakhwinder Singh, branch secretary addressed the meeting . Com. Iqbal Singh, Dhillon ACS, explained in details  the present financial crisis of BSNL and its reasons. He criticized the anti BSNL and Public sector policies of successive governments. He called upon the workers ton cast their votes in favor of BSNLEU to safeguard the interest of the workers. 

  • Election Campaign meeting at Patiala, SSA


    Election campaign meeting  was held at Patiala on 09-09-2019. Com. Ashok Kumar, Walia, District President, presided over the meeting. Com. Malkiat Singh, District Secretary, addressed the meeting briefly and welcomed the all. A good number of DR, JEs participated in the meeting. On behalf of the JEs delegation Com. Harmesh Singh, addressed the meeting. He put several question regarding Non-declaration of results of JTO, LICE, held for the vacancy years, 2014-2015, 2015-16 1nd 2016-17. CS, replied to his queries in details and ensured that BSNLEU will get the results declared at an earliest. The delegation ensured full support to BSNLEU in the ensuing membership  verification process. Com Pardip Kumar, Circle Vice President gave vote of thanks

  • Election Campaign meeting at Hoshiarpur, SSA


    An effective election campaign meeting was held at Hoshiarpur, SSA of Punjab Circle, on 07-09-2019. Com. Inderjit Singh, District Vice President, presided over the meeting. Com. Balbir Singh, District Secretary, welcomed the all and briefly addressed the meeting.Com. Balbir Singh,Circle secretary addressed the meeting and explained the ongoing situation in BSNL. He  explained about the united struggles conducted by AUAB and achievements made through the united struggles. He also emphasized on the further unity of workers of BSNL to safeguard the interests of workers in present scenario. Com. Balwant Singh Circle Vice President, Com. Avatar Singh, Khuda, organising Secretary also addressed and meeting. Com. Jaswant saini, vetren trade union leader gave vote of thanks

  • Election Campaign meeting at Jalandhar, SSA


    BSNLEU, Jalandhar organised a very enthusiastic election campaign meeting at Parjapati Hall. Inspite of the complete Bandh, on the call of Valmiki Community, large number of Comrades including ladies attended the meeting.Com. Vikram Kumar, District President, presided over the meeting. Com. H.S Dhaliwal, District Secretary welcomed the participants. Com. Balbir Singh, Circle Secretary explained in details the present financial position of BSNL. He said that BSNL has trapped in such a crisis that without financial assistance it cannot come out of this situation. The Government while extending soft loans to several courses, it should take care of its own company. VRS, reduction of age, and its impact on workers as well as the BSNL, were elobotely explained. The achievements of BSNLEU and false claims of settlement of staff issues by some of the union were also explained. He called upon the workers to make BSNLEU victorious in Jalandhar. Com. Balwant Singh,  Circle vice president, Davinder Singh, Circle organising secretary also addressed the meeting. Com. Palwinder Singh, Branch Secretary, NTR, Jalandhar gave vote of thanks

  • Completion of service books in respect of BSNL Executive/Non-Executives,who are in the age group of 50 years and above


  • 8th membership verification for recognition of Non-executives union/s provision of security on September 16&18,2019


  • 8th membership verification for recognition of Non-executives unions in BSNL Duties of observers


  • conduct of 8th MV in BSNL through secret ballot- Restrictions on use of mobile phones inside polling booths


  • Appointment of observers to conduct 8th membership Verification


  • Procedure for conducting 8th Membership Verification


  • Election Campaign meeting at Barnala, SSA

    BSNL Employees Union Bathinda conducted hectic meetings at Mour Mandi, Mansa, GMTD, office Bharat Nagar followed by District Executive meeting at E-10-B exchange Com. Vipon Kumar, District President, presided over the meetings at Mour,  GMTD office and DEC meeting. at  E-10- Telephone Exchange. Com. Raghubir Singh, Branch President Presided over the meeting at Mansa and Com. Kamal Singh. Branch Secretary, Mansa welcomed all and addressed the meeting  Com. Prabodh Chand, Circle Vice President accompanied the Circle secretary and addressed the meetings in Bathinda. Com. Budh Singh, Circle Treasurers addressed the meetings at GMTD office and E-10-Exchange. Com. Manohar Lal, district Secretary, addressed the meetings  at GMTD office and E-10-Exchange. Com. Balbir Singh, Circle Secretary, addressed the meetings and elaborately explained the present financial crisis of BSNL, including non-payment  of salary for the month of August, 2019.. All the burning issues relating to staff as well as BSNL were explained by Circle Secretary, Points raided by the staff were also clarified. Bathinda Comrades assured victory in the ensuing membership verification with a huge margin..

  • Election Campaign meeting at Barnala, Sangrur SSA


    BSNL Employees Union Sangrur SSA, held its District Executive Meeting and election campaign meeting at Telephone exchange Barnala today. Com. Imran Khan, District President presided over the meeting. Com. Rameshwar Dass, District Secretary, welcomed  all and briefly addressed the meeting. Com. Budh Singh, Circle treasurer addressed the meeting at exposed the anti BSNL and  Public Sector policies of the Government . Com. Balbir Singh, Circle secretary explained all the issues striking the minds of the workers. He also replied to the queries raised by the staff particularly by DR, JEs. All the staff members including DR, JEs assured to vote for BSNLEU. Com. Parmjit Kumar, Sharma founder leader of the union gave vote of thanks.

  • Painful News


    Com. Paramjit Singh, long term District President and presently Vice President, BSNLEU, Ludhiana, breathed his last on 29-08-2019 due to massive heart attack. He was very sincere and dedicated leader of our organisation who worked tirelessly day and night to make our organisation strong. He was very fine on 28-08-2019 and presided over and addressed a huge meeting at Ludhiana. BSNLEU Punjab Circle dips its flag half mast in his respect of Com. Paramjit Singh. Circle Union conveys its heartfelt condolences to the grieved family, his friends and colleagues. He was cremated on 30-08-2019. 

  • election Campaign meetings held at Ferozpur and Kotkapura


    Com. Balbir Singh, Circle Secretary, addressed well attended election campaign  meetings at Ferozepur and Kotkapura, and explained in details the ongoing financial crisis in BSNL, Its land monetization, 4-G spectrum for BSNL, Wage revision, settled and pending issues of staff, VRS reduction of age from present 60 years to 58 years and anti Public Sector policies of the successive governmts.He also replied the queries raised by the staff. Com. Balwant Singh, Circle Vice President, Sudama Mishra, ACS, Com. M.S Bajwa, District President, Tarsem Singh, district Secretary and Com. Ajay Kumar branch President, Ferozepur addressed the meeting.  

  • Election Campaign meeting at Ludhiana


    BSNL Employees Union, Ludhiana, organised a huge meeting at Bharat nagar Chowk Ludhiana. Com. Paramjit Singh, Vice President presided over the meeting. Com. Avtar Singh Jhande, District Secretary, welcomed all and gave a brief speech. Com. Budh Singh, Circle Treasurer, elaborately explaind the anti-public sector and pro private companies’ policies of the gonernment.Com.  Mangla, DR JE, also addressed the meeting. Com. Balbir Singh, Vice President, explained in details present financial crisis of BSNL, it's reasons, and the role of union played for revival of BSNL. He also explained the present situation in BSNL, being debated in the media. He briefed the workers regarding achievements made by the union, status of pending issues. The other issues striking the minds of the workers were also explained. The queries raised by the participants were also replied.Com. Balwinder Singh, ADS, addressed the meeting briefly and gave vote of thanks

  • Non-declaration of results of JTO LICE in Punjab Circle CS writes to- GS


  • The Limited Interanal Competitive Examinations for the promotions to various cadres schedule for the month of September,2019 are kept in abeyance till December,2019


  • Conduct of 8th Membership Verification through secret ballot for electing majority Union(s) of Non Executives i BSNL -Appointment of Observers regarding


  • Grant of special casual for attending Extended CEC meeting at Jalandhar


  • Final Electroal rolls for 8th membership verification to elect majoty union(s) of non-executives


  • Notification for holding Extended Circle Executive Meeting at Jalandhar on 17-8-2019


  • Clarification on Campassenate ground appointments


  • Notification for holding Extended Circle Executive Meeting at Jalandhar on 17-8-2019


  • Lunch Hours Demontration 0n 07-08-2019


    Dear Comrades organise powerful lunch hours demonstration on 07-08-2019 demanding, 1. honour the commitments given by the Union Cabinet in the year 2000, to ensure BSNL's financial viability. (a) Extend immediate financial support to BSNL, for the maintenance of the services. (b) Extend soft loan to BSNL for its capital expenditures. 2. Remove the total ban imposed on capital expenditures by BSNL. Allow field units to carry out capital expenditure, where revenue is assured. 3. No retrenchment, Honor the commitment given on job security at the time of formation of BSNL. 4. Stop repressive actions for even legitimate trade union activities. District Secretaries are requested to hold meetings of AUAB to make the call a grand success.

  • verification


    Recognition of majority representative union(S) recognized non-executives employees in BSNL-Holding of 8th membership verification process - Calling up of applications regarding